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In a sellers' market: 3 ways for buyers to win a bidding war

Barely 12 months ago, buyers could confidently peruse piles of listing sheets before making a lowball offer and getting a nice discount off the list price. Not anymore. Last month, there were about 44% fewer homes on the market in Chicago than in February of …


Award-winning urban farms feed Englewood, train workers


If any neighborhood has had more than its share of troubles lately, Englewood might win the contest. But out of troubles has come a successful new project, urban farming. Growing Home Inc.'s two neighborhood farms not only feed the neighborhood but train workers. The concept has been so vital and successful that it won a $20,000 grant.

House hunters: What's in, what's out


House-hunting can be so much fun and so overwhelming at the same time. If you are out looking for your next castle, it is wise to create a wish list of what you personally desire for your home, including the interiors. While viewing different houses, …

Start planning accent trees for spring planting


Small accent trees pack a big punch. They're attention-getters. That's why designers love to use them in the front yard. An accent tree in full seasonal glory will make pedestrians stop and drivers slow down to admire such an incredible display. So when you add …

How to make a beautiful home work for wheelchairs


A friend of mine is in a wheelchair now. Her home was built more than 40 years ago for an active, able-bodied family. I doubt the designers ever wondered if a wheelchair would fit through the kitchen door. So here is the answer – with …

  • The latest flurry of statistics still point up


    What are we to make of the newest numbers on Chicago area home sales? Some show growth and positive energy, while others seem to indicate we lag the nation in home price upticks. New numbers from the Illinois Association of Realtors show that Chicago’s nine-county … Read More

  • Why we still need neighbors more than Facebook


    A recent email made me say “Well, duh,” and “Ah-hah!” in the same second. It also gave me one of those warm, fuzzy realizations that perhaps we aren’t all turning into cyber-robots after all. According to the email, researchers at the University of Michigan observed …

    6 tips to give your home a 'space lift'

    Got grunge? Cramped by clutter? Failing at feng shui? Many of us are dealing with the decorating blahs. We can’t afford to move or buy anything new. We are just stuck with the old stuff. It would be sweet if some Disney fairy godmother came …

    Suburban seniors won't age in place too well

    My grandpa kept driving his old black Plymouth to the store and to church on Sundays until he was 93. He drove slower and slower over the years, creeping up to green lights in case they were about to turn yellow, deaf to any honking …

    Study: Latino neighborhoods have less green space

    Residents of Chicago's Hispanic neighborhoods live farther from nature and its benefits than do residents of the city's non-Hispanic neighborhoods, University of Illinois at Chicago researchers say. UIC biologists studied four natural attributes -- tree coverage; distance to Lake Michigan; distance to large, open green …

    Top 3 Chicago neighborhoods for car owners

    So you've decided to brave the congestion, hidden speed bumps, zealous meter maids, pot holes, annual fees and wayward pedestrians that plague the motored life in our city. Either out of desperation or insanity, you've decided to become a Chicago driver. You're going to need …